Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kristina, out

Well, what do I say? Today Kristina announced that she was giving up playing as Salis d'Cannith in our Tales of the Gold Beholder game. She has every right to, of course - especially since she seems overwhelmed by her activities and the game is just one more of them to her. That's most important to any of us and as a friend of hers for, oh, 25 years or so I will of course do what I can to ease the burden.

But darn it. Ouch.

Part of me is sure it was something I did (or didn't) do. I can't help but take part of it personally - was it my error? Did I say something wrong? Was it too intense for her? Was she too stressed by being in the limelight so much? Was it the petrification? :) I hope I haven't damaged our friendship inadvertently. I've done that before, with other people.

Also, each character has gotten some of the spotlight and will - but damn, Salis was central because she had defined her character more than the others and contrasting the life of an adventurer against her pampered life allowed me to make points I could not otherwise. Slogging through sewers, a fetid jungle, the underbelly of a magical metropolis - none are things a socialite from a powerful corporate family would or should ever be exposed to.

Thus, she had the spotlight. And I shaped part of the campaign around her, which happens to be the part we're in right now. I can recover and this will be an interesting exercise - but... ouch.

The table won't be the same without her. Her cutting wit, her witty cuts - her high geekery, her laughter. Her clear and present emotions as her character reacts to plot points. I hope she comes back soon.