Saturday, July 4, 2009


Back in '06 I played a dwarf cleric of Moradin, and I used a (largely unpainted) Chainmail miniature - a Mordengard Cleric of Moradin - which I finished today except for the flocking. I have brown flock (see Romindell) and I want to use a different color to contrast with the brown/red theme on this miniature. I can see in the image that I messed up the left eye and I'm going out to fix it right now. Small dots don't mix well with shaky hands.

It's hard to see in this lighting, but there's a design on the hammer I tried to bring out. I imagine this is an adamantine hammer with mithril chasing. The shot from behind shows it off the best and it's really apparent in real life.

I'm experimenting with the camera and lighting - this was taken in shade at 1:30 PM with a flashlight pointed at the mini. I'm going to create a light box, but I want to paint while the light is good.

I'm also experimenting with the blog post layout options. So far I don't like any of 'em.


Daniel said...

Nice. The level of attention to detail is really incredible.

ketjak said...

Thanks. I keep thinking that if I were truly talented there would be hand-painted hammer and anvil designs on Krogoth's robe.